Online, Flexible & Professional Development Student Stories

Hear about the experiences of some of our Online, Flexible & Professional Development students.


Stephen Jacob

Graduate of BSc in BioPharmaceutical Science (Online)

With jugging family commitments as well, this made the course very flexible for me to be able to attend lectures in my own time and do the work around my other personal commitments.

Studying for the Meng in CAV helped me be in touch with a vast network of professionals and brilliant students in the automotive field. 

Without the Level 7 in Quality for Industry, I would not have been able to progress my career. With the support from my employer, I am confident that my Quality career lead to an Engineering role.

Looking back, I have probably applied the knowledge I gained during the course almost every single working day since.

My time management has greatly improved and also in terms of day-to-day skills. Communication and problem solving are some of the skills I took away from my time studying at ATU.

My team recently moved into the algorithms department of Overstock which employs a lot of data scientists, ML scientists and ML engineers. The move highlighted a large skills deficit that I had when talking to my colleagues.

Studying the MA in Professional Leadership has made me think differently about where my career goes next – I feel that this experience has blown away self-imposed limitations. It has made me think differently about my career trajectory and helped me personally feel that I can and will break the glass ceiling.

Having a course at our doorstep in the West of Ireland is vital going forward as it meets the growing need for skilled Marketing professionals in this part of the country. If the global pandemic has thought us anything, it’s the need to utilise the online world to the best of our ability. Courses like this one will help SME’s all across the region do just that.

This Course has helped me to fill knowledge gaps and apply theoretical concepts to my day-to-day activities. Thanks to the practical approach and interactive delivery, I felt engaged in the learning, which is fundamental to staying motivated when attending a part-time evening course

This engaging course expertly addressed the complexities of delivering quality, safe, and effective bioproducts while adhering to regulatory standards. The dedicated lecturers from ATU Sligo and NIBRT made the online learning environment both flexible and structured.

Studying online with ATU ensured that I was suitably qualified and prepared for the positions I was applying for. The applied elements of my course in particular were extremely helpful in preparing me for my past and current roles as a practitioner.

Undertaking the MSc allowed a guided method of fulfilling the CPD requirements for CORU, while also meeting the requirements for promotional positions upon graduation.

I completed two level 8 degrees in six years and in both, I achieved good results with first class honours (1:1). These qualifications have opened many doors and opportunities for me in my career. I took the time to invest in myself and my education, and it has paid off.

The course allows graduates to “bridge a gap” in the CEng application process, with graduates recognised as meeting the Engineers Ireland educational requirements to pursue a CEng (with Further learning) application.

I enrolled in the Higher Diploma in Food Business and Product Innovation just five months after launching my business, Blistered Bread. The timing has been fantastic. The content and knowledge shared by the lecturing team has allowed me to make real positive change within my business. 

The main driver behind completing the master’s programme was so that I could further deepen my knowledge around Leadership. Additionally, I think the fact that I have found an area I truly enjoy it hasn’t felt like studying. 

Do not over think it. You will love it, ATU courses are very well designed for online delivery and it will be so beneficial for you and your career.

The attractiveness of the 100% online ATU delivery of its comprehensive MSc in PM in such an accessible way is amazing, facilitating location agnostic attendance from anywhere in the world, by virtual means using excellent tools like MS Teams and Moodle.