Aerial view of Letterkenny campus

ATU Donegal Letterkenny

Donegal is renowned for its stunning beaches, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and the most beautiful accent in Ireland. It is one of the most affordable regions to live, work and study in. The cost of living is considerably lower than the national average and the region offers a good variety of affordable student accommodation. ATU-Donegal’s reach is both local and international, attracting a diverse student body of almost 5,000 students from Ireland and 32 countries across the globe. Our engagement and partnerships with indigenous and international businesses leaders strengthens our student’s employment prospects. 

The Letterkenny campus is at heart of the university town. It includes over 18,000 square meters of educational and support accommodation with specialised teaching and research facilities  It also houses our library, dining areas, meeting rooms and state-of-the-art sporting facilities. With a diverse range of transport links, the Letterkenny campus is easily accessible for national and international students and visitors. It offers a wide range of courses in engineering and technology, science and health and business at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Students walking on Letterkenny campus

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