Information for Enterprise

RPL can help employers and higher education institutions tailor education and training more effectively for employees, e.g. by ensuring that it is at the most appropriate level of the NFQ and that it takes account of the significant (and sometimes invisible) learning accumulated in the workplace. RPL is a useful resource for employers seeking to retain and nurture talent and for higher education institutions looking to create career-long relationships with enterprise partners and diversify the student population.

Benefits for Employers:

  • RPL is a driver for workforce development. As well as supporting individuals’ career development, it can be a useful tool to address national economic and societal challenges relating to the green transition, digitalisation, automation, and the skills mismatch. It can facilitate accelerated learning and upskilling/reskilling opportunities to meet workforce needs at local, regional, and national levels.
  • RPL may help to reduce the amount of time and cost associated with acquiring a qualification or credential.
  • RPL supports staff development within organisations by increasing staff motivation to undertake appropriate education or training. As RPL acknowledges a person's invisible learning, it can often open up new, and heretofore, inaccessible learning opportunities.