John Curry

John Curry

John Curry

Student of Furniture Design

ATU Connemara


ATU Connemara is a hidden gem. With top of the range educational facilities and woodworking machinery, I have acquired all the skills I need to get the job I never thought was possible for me.

My four years at ATU Connemara have been unforgettable and have been the best years of my life to date. The friendships I have made with my peers and the staff are ones that I will truly treasure.

Before attending college, I wouldn’t have considered myself an academic person. However, the course provided me with unrecognisable support from all the staff, which enabled me to develop and be the best I could be.

Four years later, I would have never thought I would be exiting this course with a first-class honour’s degree and a world of opportunities in front of me. It is the first time I feel I have succeeded academically. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the lecturers and staff.

I currently work as a project manager for a large company. The course has provided me with all the crucial knowledge of how the industry works. From understanding the core principles of a product and design to understanding how a business is run, managing a project, and delivering the best quality product for your client.

One thing that always stands out for me is how much lecturers emphasise deadlines in relation to assignments. This fundamental principle comes to reality when you realise how important it is to meet the deadlines your clients set out. This course really prepares you for the workplace.