ATU Galway City Dublin Road Campus building

ATU Galway City

Galway is home to the ATU’s Galway City campus. Galway is much more than a scenic city-by-the-sea. It has a diverse population of 75,000 people, with students making up at least a quarter. As the 4th largest city in Ireland, Galway has everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to open air markets, pubs, theatres, live music events, and an eclectic bunch of personalities.  

Established in 1972, ATU Galway City includes a number of buildings on the east side of the city, overlooking Galway Bay, and a number of sports facilities.

ATU Galway City’s building on the Old Dublin Road is one of Galway’s iconic landmarks, due to the three distinctive sail-shaped copper panels at the front of the main building. This unique design helps identify the university as an innovator in modern technology and serves the practical purpose of housing the Library and IT Centre. This location offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from business, science, computing, engineering, culinary arts, hospitality, tourism and heritage.

ATU Galway City’s building on the Wellpark road is located even closer to Galway City centre, and is home to the School of Design and Creative Arts. This location is a hive of creative activity and is home to several creative enterprises. It offers courses in design, contemporary art, film and documentary, and teacher education in art, design and graphics.

Galway City campus Library building at night

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