Chris W Chan

Chris Chan

Chris W Chan

Student of Law with Criminal Justice

ATU Donegal Letterkenny

Don’t doubt your capabilities, and don’t limit yourself. ATU Donegal Letterkenny is an excellent campus to study law and will prepare you well regardless of what route you wish to take.

The law course at ATU Donegal Letterkenny is very topical and interactive. In addition to traditional lectures, we engaged in more in-depth discussion in tutorial classes. Another big advantage is the accessibility of lecturers. I couldn’t have gotten this far without their guidance.

The degree you qualify with has an excellent reputation. It is accepted by King’s Inns and entitles law graduates to sit its entrance exams to become a barrister. This shows the recognition for the degree held by the professional body responsible for training barristers, including former Presidents, judges and ministers. Importantly it saves ATU Donegal Letterkenny graduates a further two years studying for a legal diploma.

The welcoming and friendly atmosphere at ATU Donegal Letterkenny ignited my desire to learn more. Most importantly, it helped me figure out who I truly want to become in life. In addition, the library and online databases are excellent and were essential in my studies.

I gained valuable experience by getting involved in various societies. I chaired a political society in second year and the Law Society in my third year. This gave me opportunities to organise events and visits for students. It’s a great way to network too!

Since graduating from ATU Donegal Letterkenny, I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law, and the Barrister-at-Law Degree with the Honorable Society of King’s Inns. In 2020, I became Ireland’s first Chinese-born qualified barrister from Hong Kong and was called to the Irish Bar by the Chief Justice of Ireland, The Hon. Mr Justice Frank Clarke.

When thinking about a college, you need to consider the overall experience on campus. It’s not just about going for the college with the highest rankings and reputation. The more enriching the experience, the better your performance.