James Mc Donnell

James McDonnell

James Mc Donnell

Graduate of Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Science  


"After years of working in various roles unrelated to science, I took a bold step to pursue a scientific education and was fortunate to study pharmacy at Trinity College Dublin. Though uncertain about my career path, I soon became captivated by biopharmaceutical science, a field of pharmaceutics that draws on biology for medicinal innovation, with a focus on protein studies and product development. 

During my pharmacy degree, I discovered the perfect opportunity to delve further: the Level 8 Biopharmaceutical Science programme at ATU Sligo, in collaboration with NIBRT, offered through Springboard. This engaging course expertly addressed the complexities of delivering quality, safe, and effective bioproducts while adhering to regulatory standards. The dedicated lecturers from ATU Sligo and NIBRT made the online learning environment both flexible and structured. 

Throughout the course, the staff at ATU Sligo, NIBRT, and Springboard provided unwavering support, solidifying my passion for a career in biopharmaceutics. For anyone looking to enter or advance in this field, I wholeheartedly recommend the Biopharmaceutical Science programme at ATU Sligo." 


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