Sam O' Neill


Sam O' Neill

Graduate of Masters in Digital Media & Marketing

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency (One Stop Marketing Solutions) based in Galway, we create tailor-made projects to complement the unique nature of each brand that we work with –there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Whether it’s creating content for social media, branding, website design, or copywriting, we approach each project with a creative edge that separates us from the pack.

Over the past number of years we have worked with Atlantic Technological University Galway-Mayo to offer work placement opportunities for students on programmes within the Galway Campus. The standard of student coming into the organisation on placement has always been at a very high level and we hope that they have left here with valuable experience.

The world of Digital Marketing is constantly changing however and with it, the need for further study cannot be understated. The Level 9 Post Graduate Certificate offering a blended model allows for industry professionals to continue their development while allowing them to progress within their working environment.

Having a course at our doorstep in the West of Ireland is vital going forward as it meets the growing need for skilled Marketing professionals in this part of the country. If the global pandemic has thought us anything, it’s the need to utilise the online world to the best of our ability. Courses like this one will help SME’s all across the region do just that.


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