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ATU provides you with a warm welcome into the campus and your chosen career. There are plenty of fun societies to join to keep yourself fit and entertained. There are also workshops every week to offer the students academic and mental support.

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I have found student life in ATU very enjoyable, it has always been entertaining yet peaceful. There are many social opportunities in ATU through the college's societies and clubs. The lecturers have always been friendly, helpful, and accommodating. There is a great sense of community and the feeling of belonging in ATU.

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Application for full-time undergraduate courses at Atlantic TU are made through the Central Applications Office (CAO). Visit to view the full list of courses and submit your application

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Things I enjoy about my course is the hands-on experience ATU provides. Rather than being just theory and lectures, there's a mixer of practicals or tutorials in which I can interact with the lecturer. The mixture of theory and practical is great at ATU and personally is one of the main reason why I joined ATU

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