Sports Scholarships - How to Apply

The application process is simple and straightforward Just complete and submit the online form:



We have three application rounds as follows:


Round Opening Closing  
Round 1 8 January 3 April  
Round 2 1 May  5 June   
Round 3 1 July  4 October  


Scholarship offers will issue to Round 1 applicants before end of April. Scholarship offers to Round 2 applicants will issue before end of June.  Scholarship offers for the Final Round will issue in October.


Please Note:

Please ensure your application form is completed as fully and clearly as possible.

Confirmation of information, advice and/or opinion may be sought from governing bodies of sport and may be used as part of the assessment process.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their online Application Form is submitted by 11:59pm on the closing dates specified above to be considered for that round.

Once your form is submitted, applicants will get an email confirmation that it has been received.  This will go to the email address that is provided on the application form, so please ensure it is correct.