Staff Networks

The University has several staff networks which have been established to give voice and visibility to different groups. 

A Women’s Network on the ATU Sligo Campus was established in April 2022.  There is an expectation that a university-wide group will be established the 2022-23 academic year. 

The Atlantic University Rainbow Alliance (AURA) is the newly formed LGBTQIA+ staff network of the Atlantic Technological University, with university-wide representation. Established in April 2022, AURA will support LGBTQIA+ Staff members and allies.   

In these first few months, AURA has been involved in many activities throughout summer, including participation in Pride parades across the West of Ireland, and flag-raising events on every campus. AURA is working together with other departments and with the ATU senior leadership team to have rainbow crossings across all campuses, among other visibility and support activities to the members of our network.  

Staff can contact AURA for more information at and check out the ATU Inclusion Calendar for events. 

Any members of staff interested in establishing other networks, please contact