ATU Brand Guidelines

The ATU visual identity comprises a selection of elements, and the correct application of each is equally important. Every execution is an opportunity to do things right, and best represent who we are and what we do.

The aim of the ATU brand guidelines is to serve the functional and conceptual communication needs of Atlantic Technological University.

  • On the functional side, the book contain a guide to the use of brand assets, with examples of them in use across a broad range of applications.

  • The conceptual needs are reflected in the brand positioning and usage guides. These reflect the intent of the broad alliance that has come together to make ATU a reality. In combination, these create a platform that will serve the university’s communication needs into the future.

  • The system is designed to be flexible — encouraging creativity across all communications.

All students, staff,  partners and third parties who wish to utilise the ATU brand in their marketing communications is expected to download the brand guidelines and ensure adherence to the visual identity across all applications.


Brand Values


  • Togetherness

  • Optimism

  • Excellence

  • Consideration

  • Collaborative

  • Genuine

  • Driven

  • Empathetic

ATU Brand Guidelines (July 2023) (PDF, 17.30MB)