ATU Logo

The ATU logo is a central part of the visual identity, providing a memory trigger for what ATU represents.

The ATU logo is an icon made up of an abstract letter A, and lettering to show the university name. The abstract letter A depicts the waves of the Atlantic ocean with the sun overhead. The logo comes in a number of versions, designed to suit a range of applications.

Full ATU Logo and Initialised Logo

The most commonly applied version is the Full Logo, which consists of the icon (A-mark) and the full University name in Irish and English. The full logo is available in a suite of brand colours (teal, green, navy) as well as black and white versions. 

The ATU logo is also available as an  initialised version, which consists of the ATU symbol using the icon as the A-mark, with the full university name in Irish and English. The initialised logo is available in English and Irish - ATU (Atlantic Technological University) and OTA (Ollscoil Teicneolaiochta an Atlantaigh).

The full logo and initialised logos are available to download below in .jpg, .png, .svg and .ai file types. Other versions are available and can be accessed from your logo Marketing team. 

Brand Colours

The brand guidelines provide a palette of primary brand colours and secondary brand colours. Refer to page 33. We recommend against using colours as an identifier for organisational units such as faculties/departments. The secondary palette should always be used as an accent colour rather than a dominant tone.

Brand Fonts

The primary typeface is Halyard. ATU’s visual identity uses the Display and Text versions of the typeface. Refer to page 34, 35 and 36 of the brand guidelines for guidance on typography.

ATU Sub-Brands

The ATU brand guidelines provide guidance on how sub brands will fit alongside the main ATU brand. Refer to page 24 - 28, where a sub brands and organisational units are provided with a sub-brand safe area. Any proposal for new sub-brands must follow the same format and will require the approval of the Executive.

Campus Identifiers

The ATU brand guidelines provide guidance on campus identities. Refer to page 11, where the approved campus names are listed. For any communication relating to programmes being offered, it should be clearly stated the campus associated with the programme.


ATU Full Logo Zip File (ZIP, 3.57MB)
ATU Initialised Logo (English) Zip File (ZIP, 2.43MB)
ATU Initialised Logo (Gaelige) Zip file (ZIP, 2.53MB)