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Tertiary Degrees

Would you like to study close to home?

You can now start your degree in your local ETB for a year, and then complete your degree at one of ATU's campuses in the region.

You can choose from the following four degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Business
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sustainable Engineering Technologies
  • Tertiary Access Route into Bachelor of Science (Honours) in General Nursing


What ETBs are taking part?

  • Donegal Education and Training Board (ETB)
  • Galway Roscommon ETB (GRETB)
  • Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB (MSLETB)


What are the fees?

There are no fees attached to the first year of these courses in the Education and Training Boards. In subsequent years, the normal registration fees will apply. 

You will be eligible to apply for a SUSI grant. Further information can be found here:


Application Deadline

Initial applications for the tertiary programmes will close at 5 pm on 8th August 2024. Late applications will be considered where there are still places available after all eligible candidates have been considered. Visit the 'Apply Now' section to find out more about how to apply.


Why choose a Tertiary degree?

Tertiary degree programmes are ideal for individuals who have a strong interest or previous experience in the subject area. 

You may have completed a part-time course in your local ETB or have experience working in a related field, maybe you have not considered third level education due to family and/or other caring duties; perhaps you work in a family business or have farm responsibilities; maybe the financial costs associated with accommodation or childcare are holding you back; or you have additional needs or a medical condition.

Tertiary degree programmes allow you to complete year one close to home in your local ETB before choosing to specialise at an ATU campus of your choice. 

Progression is guaranteed upon meeting successful completion criteria in year one

Apply Now

Visit your local ETB site for application information and application deadlines



Atlantic Technological University (ATU) has developed joint further and higher education degree programmes in four discipline areas. The consortium comprises Galway and Roscommon ETB(GRETB), Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB (MSLETB), Donegal ETB and ATU.

These programmes will deliver enhanced progression opportunities and pathways to learners, in line with Further Education and Training Strategy 2020-2024, as well as assist with the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 in regards to Tertiary Education.