Swedish Student to Cycle from Sweden to Ireland to attend a Summer Course at ATU

Monday, July 25, 2022 Press Office
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Jonathan Welen, a Swedish Student and his bike

A Swedish environmental student is cycling from Stockholm in Sweden to Sligo in Ireland, to attend a Summer University course at Atlantic Technological University Sligo (ATU Sligo) on the 9th of August.

Swedish Student to cycle from Sweden to Ireland to attend a Summer University course at ATU

Jonathan Welén has chosen to cycle the 2,700 km journey, to raise awareness of climate change and sustainability.  

Jonathan is a Student at Mid Sweden University in Sweden, a co-host of the third International Education with Sustainability Conference, taking place from the 15th to the 17th of August at ATU Sligo.  

Most people would take the journey by plane, but not Jonathan, who opted for a 'greener' travelling mode as cycling from Sweden to Sligo will drastically reduce his carbon footprint.  

Choosing a non-polluting way of transportation will allow him to document his journey, promote sites along the way through social media and inspire and share knowledge about creating a sustainable future.  

By cycling, Jonathan will produce approximately 9 Kg of CO2e, 241 Kg of CO2e less than he'd make by taking a plane. This saving is equivalent to three return trips from Dublin to Sligo in an average-sized petrol car or the emissions of an average household tumble dryer every year.   

Jonathan invites everyone to join him on his adventure: 

"Most of you would fly from Sweden to Ireland; however, I decided to travel 2,000 km by bicycle! Why do you ask? I have applied for a Summer University Course at ATU Sligo. I intend to inspire you to be a part of a sustainable future by sharing with you some of the beautiful sites I will see along that we need to protect. Join me!" 

His cycling journey begins in Stockholm on the 24th of July before arriving in Sligo on the 9th of August.