Students and staff at ATU wear odd socks to mark World Down Syndrome Day and promote new WAVE courses created for students with intellectual disabilities

Friday, March 22, 2024

Students and Staff at Atlantic Technological University (ATU) donned odd socks to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day and raise awareness for the university's Project WAVE (Working towards Academic and Vocational Equity).  

World Down Syndrome Day, observed annually on March 21st, aims to promote understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

In addition to raising awareness for World Down Syndrome Day, the event also highlights ATU's upcoming new programme aimed at students with intellectual disability.  

ATU Project WAVE is supported through the Higher Education Authority Path 4 funding. This two-year project provides individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to attend college.  

Project WAVE provides a comprehensive programme, addressing students’ social, academic, and vocational needs. Students in Project WAVE will experience college life at ATU by attending classes with other students and participating in clubs and societies.  

Project WAVE offers students the flexibility to choose from three different ATU campuses for their studies. While the core curriculum remains consistent across all campuses, elective subjects vary based on the chosen location, ensuring a tailored educational experience for each participant.

The primary program, Certificate in Personal and Vocational Development, stands at NFQ Level 6 as a Special Purpose Award, comprising 60 credits over two years.  Students can also earn Digital Badges for Module Completion, recognising their achievements and skill acquisition throughout the program.

Central to the curriculum are the mandatory modules designed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge including Information Communications Technology, Employability Skills and Learning Skills and Personal Development.  Participants will spend the last semester on a work placement to finish out their programme.  

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