Atlantic Technological University Launches Second Scrimshaw Journal

Friday, April 28, 2023 Press Office
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Atlantic Technological University (ATU) launched the second edition of its “Scrimshaw Journal”, a collection of poetry, prose, and imagery from over 50 contributors from across the ATU community.

Scrimshaw Journal was started by students of the Writing and Literature course at ATU and was officially launched ahead  of National Poetry Day by Dr Orla Flynn, President of ATU.  

The name "Scrimshaw" comes from the artwork created by whalers, engraved on the by-products of whales, such as bones or cartilage. This was a hobby of whalers to pass the time away through creativity.

Scrimshaw Journal is also a celebration of ATU's first cross-campus Clubs and Society, bringing together students, staff, and alumni from across the university to create something truly special. Over 130 pages of poetry, prose, and imagery make up this second edition of Scrimshaw Journal, which was made possible by the editorial team, including Tony Keenan, Dianne McPhelim, Alice Turpin, Meabh Callaghan, Lucy Goss, and Damien Kelly.

Creative Design student at ATU, Ryan Dempsey designed the beautifully published 134 page journal. ATU's Students Union also co-funded the project, making it a true collaboration between the university's community.

Dr Orla Flynn, President of Atlantic Technological University, expressed her excitement about the launch of Scrimshaw Journal. "I am delighted to see such a wonderful showcase of talent from across our campus community. Scrimshaw Journal embodies the sentiment of Atlantic Technological University, bringing together students and staff from across our campuses and is a testament to the creativity and passion that exists within the ATU community.”

Una Parsons, Head of College at ATU Sligo, was reminded of this art form during a visits to a Whaling museum in Boston as a student and praised the students on the high standard of content and production. "Scrimshaw has a rich history, and we are proud to be able to showcase the talents of our ATU community in this way.  I want to congratulate the students on delivering such a beautiful publication for the second year in a row and I thank their lecturers for supporting them through this journey".


Copies of the journal will be available on ATU campuses and online for free.