Mentorship programme

As an Alumnus of ATU you are a real inspiration to our current students.  

The ATU Alumni Mentorship programme aims to support and guide students as they approach the transition from college to the working world. Alumni mentoring can also help to instil confidence and competence within mentees, and overall enhance the learning experience. 

By taking part in our ATU Alumni Mentorship programme and sharing your own experience, expertise, and career journey with a mentee, you have the potential to play a key part in a current ATU student’s career development and help shape their future.  

To participate in our mentoring programme and mentor one of our current final year students the commitment we ask is approximately 7 hours, covering the following sessions: 

  1. Introduction meeting  

  1. CV and interview skills  

  1. Workplace visit  

  1. Networking event 

  1. Celebration event  

We will always work with mentors to make the programme schedule work, and a range of communication methods are worked in, face-to-face and virtual.  

If you would like to find out more about the programme or become an ATU Alumni mentor, please get in touch with the Alumni Office