Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Study a Doctorate of Business (DBA) at Atlantic Technological University and obtain the highest-level management qualification available.  


Delivered by Atlantic TU’s Faculty of Business, this unique, research-based, practice-driven DBA will empower innovative thinkers, build analytical prowess and equip executives and academics with the knowledge and competencies to confront and conquer substantial organizational challenges.


Tailored to suit professionals in management or leadership roles, the programme’s flexible structure facilitates doctoral-level research while enabling DBA candidates to continue meeting their employment commitments over a four-year, part-time duration.

Why undertake a DBA? 

This advanced degree can involve a remarkable journey of growth, both individually and within the broader context of the business world, delivering impact at three levels: 

Empowering Organizational Impact 

Strategic Leadership: Armed with advanced business knowledge and a strategic mindset, DBA graduates develop and implement visionary strategies that drive growth and competitiveness. 

Innovation Catalysts: DBA research often leads to groundbreaking insights and innovations. Graduates introduce fresh perspectives, enhancing product development, process optimization, and customer experience. 

Problem Solvers: The DBA equips individuals with the ability to tackle complex organizational challenges. They become adept problem solvers who can address issues ranging from market fluctuations to operational inefficiencies. 

Unlocking Personal Impact  

Knowledge Mastery: Through rigorous research, DBA candidates gain a deep and nuanced understanding of complex business concepts. This newfound knowledge not only boosts confidence but also cultivates a lifelong passion for learning. 

Critical Thinking: The DBA sharpens critical thinking skills, enabling individuals to dissect intricate problems, formulate innovative solutions, and make informed decisions both inside and outside the boardroom. 

Self-Discovery: The DBA journey often leads to self-discovery, as candidates uncover their unique strengths, interests, and leadership styles. It's a path to personal growth and empowerment. 

Elevating Professional Impact 

Executive Roles: DBA holders are sought after for top executive positions, including CEO, CTO, and CMO, due to their strategic acumen and leadership prowess. 

Academic Excellence: For those inclined toward academia, a DBA can lead to prestigious teaching and research roles in universities, allowing them to shape the next generation of business leaders. 

Industry Influence: DBA holders often become thought leaders and influencers in their respective sectors, contributing to industry publications, speaking at conferences, and guiding industry standards. 

A DBA is not just an academic pursuit; it's a life-altering journey that empowers individuals to make a profound impact on themselves, their organizations, and their professions. 

An investment in executive education is the best decision you could possibly make for yourself, your career or your business! I have learned a lot about myself and our growing team – about how and why we manage and lead the way we do and how to adapt my leadership style to suit the situations and people involved. The calibre of faculty, guest lecturers and industry experts are outstanding. You will be exposed to some of the best and brightest minds available 


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